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My little routine allows your child to better navigate their day and gain autonomy in everyday activities while being accompanied.

Magnets help you create a morning and evening routine that fits your family. Your child has two rows on the magnetic support: he can easily identify what he has already done and what he still needs to do. The “my encouragement” bubble allows you to support him in his progress and motivate him by promoting his successes.

He also has two boxes to express what he feels: one for the morning, the other for the evening. The goal is to allow him to highlight positive emotions and events or defuse problematic situations at the start and end of the day.

“my little routine” is a complete set since it also encourages learning the concept of time (morning, evening, days, date and month).

The packaging is 100% reusable: inside there is a small gift to cut out and personalize. In addition to being very useful and eco-designed, the “ma petite routine” tool is 100% French!

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